Sunday, October 16, 2016

One Ribbed Hat Knitted

Hello friends,

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I can't believe it's over already! I just finished knitting a ribbed stitch hat over the weekend and looking forward to wearing it when it gets colder. I have also started knitting some socks as a gift for my mom for Christmas which I will post about later this week! below are some photos of the hat I wanted to share with you.

A photo of myself wearing the hat 

Pattern: the pattern is very simple 
  • Cast on 70 stitches on magic loop needles( or more depending on the size of your head, needles, and yarn), divide stitches between the two needles 
  • knit two stitches, then purl two stitches all the way around to create the ribbed stitch
  • Once you knit up to the crown of your head, begin to decrease 
  • Decide how many decreases you would like to make on the decreasing rows (example: I knit 7 then knit together two, then repeated all around, then knit/purl a row, then the next row I knit 6 then knit together ...etc...)
  • Keep to the knitting and purling of the ribbed stitch pattern. On my first attempt I knit to decrease the top and it looked odd with garter stitch instead of ribbed stitch! 
  • Once you end up with 6 or 7 stitches, pull the yarn through with a darning needles and then tie a knot and weave in the strand under the top of the hat. 

Then you are finished! hope the pattern wasn't too confusing I made it up from making hats for quite some time and following other's patterns.

Thank you for visiting! I hope you all have a good night and have a great week :)

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Have I Become a Plant Lady?

Hey Friends!

I saw this cute picture below on Hellogiggle's Instagram one day and I thought to myself slowly with each plant I am buying I am becoming a plant lady as opposed to the crazy cat lady stereotype (which I would totally be if my landlord allowed cats!).  The caption was #plantlady is the new #catlady on the photo and I thought that is me.
Art by Kelly Marcelle Malka (@bykellymalka)photo source

Just throwing it out there, how many plant ladies follow my blog? how many plants do you have? I am at 8 plants now. There are two succulents, one Rhoeo, three African Violets, one lucky bamboo, and one air plant. I love them!  I could probably buy more. For now while I can't have cats, because once I get a cat it will be harder to have plants around. Below is a picture of all of my plants together on the windowsill, usually I have the bamboo plant and the air plant in other locations but I brought them together for a family photo today.

That's all for now,
Have a good day plant ladies and non-plant ladies!

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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving! and happy Fall!

Hello Friends,

I wanted to wish you all a happy Fall and for those celebrating in Canada this weekend, a happy Thanksgiving!  I have been a bit M.I.A lately because I have been working on knitting a hat but put on hold for awhile during this time but I will pick it back up again soon! I am looking forward to knitting socks for my mom for Christmas and maybe some other little Christmas gifts or ornaments.

Almost finished the hat, just need to decrease 

 I went to my boyfriends' mother's place yesterday for Thanksgiving lunch, it was nice to spend the afternoon with them catching up. Today is Thanksgiving at my parents house and I am looking forward to eating Turkey and seeing my family again. My boyfriend's mother set the table with the white pumpkin theme and had a giant pumpkin on the table with festive garland with leaves and twine. At each place at the table was a miniature pumpkin with our initials. It was so cute I had to take ours home! (pic below of our white pumpkins)

Our pumpkins with initials and our pumpkins from Michael's in the background

 I love this time of the year and I am getting excited for Halloween now. Unfortunately I cannot hand out candies to Trick-or-Treaters this year since I live in an apartment but I will probably watch a bunch of Halloween movies to keep in the spirit the night of.

Hope you all enjoy the weekend!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Knitted Sunglasses case

Hi Friends,

I wanted a quick fun knit to work on this summer so I decided to knit up a case for sunglasses. It's more like a sunglasses cozy. I have been using it to just throw in my purse and it has been helpful protecting my shades from damage.  I feel like summer is going away now and fall is soon approaching. I am looking forward to knitting with chunky wool and wearing cozy sweaters and my knits from other years. It is the best time for me to get motivated to knit again, I am looking forward to it :)

Have a great day!

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Summer Knitting

Hi friends,

I am so sorry for not writing for so long! I have no excuse but I was finishing up with school and I now have my Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education. I am happy that I completed the degree and I am also happy that I am finished so I can start working with children again in the field. I recently got a job for the summer which I hope turns into a full time opportunity.
For knitting, I was thinking I would love to knit something fun. I usually do not know what to knit in the summer so I have looked up some ideas to share with you. Here are five ideas that I liked most to knit up for the summer! The projects range from beginner to intermediate in skill level. All the links include the free knitting patterns. I hope you find something that interests you from the list! Happy knitting!

1. I like knitting shows us how we can knit up cute sunglasses cases!

Photo source
2. Simple tank top from Purl Soho perfect for warm summer days
Photo Source

3. Knit up this tote bag for the summer from Espacet Ticot. Perfect to carry all the necessities of a summer outing.
Photo Source
4. Knit up this light lace scarf to wrap up on slightly chilly nights with a pattern from allfreeknitting.
Photo Source

5. A sweet and fruity watermelon purse for the summer from Craftsy!

Photo Source

Thank you for visiting my blog, I appreciate your support and the time you took to read my post! Which one do you think I should I knit up? please respond in the comments section.
Hope you have a great day!

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